Beagle Basenji Mix Guide! (2022)

If you’re considering adding a beagle basenji mix to your family, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this unique breed, from their personality and exercise needs, to their grooming requirements.

So, what exactly is a beagle basenji mix? As you might have guessed, they’re a mix of two popular breeds – the beagle and the basenji. Beagles are known for their friendly, happy-go-lucky personalities, while basenjis are more independent and aloof. However, both breeds are intelligent and active, so a beagle basenji mix is likely to inherit these traits.

When it comes to exercise, this breed needs plenty of it! They’re full of energy and love to run and play. A daily walk or run will help to keep them fit and healthy.

Beagle basenji mixes also require regular grooming. Their short, dense coats need to be brushed a few times a week to prevent matting. And, because they’re prone to ear infections, it’s important to check and clean their ears regularly.

If you’re looking for a fun-loving, active companion, a beagle basenji mix might be the perfect fit for you!